Fri. Mar 31st, 2023


Affigen develops tumor-identifying therapies to treat cancer.  By utilizing precision design, we can drive powerful immune responses against molecules unique to cancer, while minimizing the risk of damage to healthy tissues.  To do this, we focus on highly-automated process engineering and personal-scale biologics manufacturing in order to develop new therapies for previously “undruggable” targets.
In effect, we focus on cancer’s “Achille’s Heel”: the proteins which distinguish tumor cells from normal cells, which can target tumor cells for destruction with extreme sensitivity and precision.   As a translational-stage company, we develop our therapeutics with rapid clinical adoption in mind, and in close collaboration with an extensive expert network of world-class academic collaborators.


We were founded in 2016 by experts in immuno-oncology and mass-personalized bimolecular engineering.  Our team has deep expertise in oncology, manufacturing, regulatory affairs, genomics, bioinformatics, and clinical program development.  We collaborate closely with leading U.S. academic research centers.

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